offers accurate and actionable data for health care providers through our HIPAA compliant Health Insurance Verification Portal. We provide the support health care professionals need to quickly and accurately determine patient eligibility for services according to the insurance coverage the patient has. VeriQuery reduces the risk of rejected claims often caused by common human error, such as misspelled names or incorrect birthdate and other data. Health care providers can easily validate that the patient’s coverage and coverage dates are in alignment as well as determining the need for prior authorization or precertification for particular services.

Whether the patient is new or returning, VeriQuery will help reduce the risk of claim rejection by validating the coverage of your services, as well as patient copay responsibility and deductibles preventing the need for additional patient billing.

Monthly Prepaid Coverage Verification With No Setup Fee

PrePaid 100

.50 per Transaction
Renews after 20 queries

PrePaid 500

.40 per transaction
.50 per transaction overage
Renews 1st of each month

PrePaid 1000

.35 per transaction
.50 per transaction overage
Renews 1st of each month

Coverage Verification
Capturing accurate patient eligibility and benefits information with VeriQuery can help reduce denials and protect revenue.
Electronic Medical Billing
We seamlessly integrate with for electronic claims processing
Systems Integration
Partner with use if you are developing an application that needs electronic medical billing, coverage verification , or payment gateway features.