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Advantage Physician Billing will dramatically improve your overhead from the moment we come on board. Our implementation specialists are anxious to begin making improvements to the way you do business. With the uncertainties healthcare has to offer as of late, you will be able to increase your reimbursement potential greatly. We scrub every claim before it goes out. We check diagnosis-to-procedure code relationships in the crosswalk to ensure a decrease in denials. We log into your billing software so that your billing is not held hostage like other billing companies do or we can provide you with complimentary state-of-the-art billing software like the one you see here. Furthermore, we do not require an upfront fee of any kind. We only collect a small percentage of what our collectors bring in every month. Not only that, you keep receiving your payments in your office. No need to forward your payments to us or a PO BOX. Simply copy the EOBs and checks and scan, fax or email to us for processing.


You immediately save on:

1.       Postage, envelope, paper, computer ink and most office supplies.

2.       Lower your payroll and payroll taxes.

3.       Lower your health insurance and liability insurance.

4.       Stop buying claims forms.

5.       Stop paying outrageous billing software costs.

6.       Stop paying vacation, sick and personal days.


Plus, we offer contract re-negotiations with your current contracts. We have had excellent results with Aetna, BC BS and Cigna.


Be part of a new and exciting way to turn your billing struggles into a winning combination with Advantage Billing and Consulting, Inc.




Mary Nunez


Director Billing and Collections

Phone:  (561) 733-1674

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